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Bob Nguyen is an accredited member of Australian Cinematographer’s Society.

He has always had a great passion for moving images. Bob attended Swinburne University in 2008. During his years at Swinburne, Bob had the opportunity to learn from many great cinematographers, especially Ellery Ryan ACS, who sparked Bob’s interests in cinematography. 


After shooting his  first project on super 16mm. Bob soon realized the originality of shooting in film is far more satisfying. He said: “When I saw the prints for the first time, I saw magic, and I told myself I would not stop.”


Bob Nguyen began working as a professional Director of Photography in 2011 when he shot his first feature film in Australia. A year later he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of working with celluloid film. Having shot many projects on 35mm and 16mm films after the first few years in LA, Bob quickly became one of the young cinematographers versed and loyal to the original medium of motion picture in town. Bob also picked up a Master Degree in Cinematography and received a prize sponsored by Panavision LA for his 35mm feature film. 


From 2015 on, Bob Nguyen has been shooting feature films exclusively and collaborating with directors from various backgrounds. Those projects had taken him to work internationally, especially Europe and Asia. After working on feature film in Thailand and Canada, It totally changed his mind-set and approach about creating pictures. Bob decided to take on an adventure to explore new cultures and materials. In 2016 Bob Nguyen shot his first Vietnamese feature film ‘Sut’, followed by ‘Song Lang’ in 2018, which has received over 30 awards internationally.


Bob won Gold Award in the coveted Features Cinema category and also the Judges' Choice at the ACS Victoria Tasmania State awards in 2018.

He then went on to win the Golden Tripod and the prestigious Milli Award for 

Cinematographer of the Year 2019 at the recent National Awards from Australia Cinematographer’s Society.


Even though Bob Nguyen was trained to shoot on film, giving him a very solid foundation in the principles of cinematography, but all flavors of format mediums appeal to him. Bob enjoys different visual mediums that best translate each story's unique concept. Having those experiences allows him to work in an extensive range of shooting styles, scales and conditions. 

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